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Non-ceramic bearings can also be insulated! This technology has a new breakthrough!

2018-09-07 17:33:09

Recently, this technology has made a new breakthrough in the Bearing Industry Technology Research Institute of Hebei Province. First, the president of the institute, Guo Jinjie, signed an agreement with Xu Shilin, chairman of Beijing Zhongji Co., Ltd., the chairman of Amorphous Technology Co., Ltd. to develop an insulated bearing. The second is to set up a research and development team composed of experts from Beijing Zhongji Co., Ltd.; Based on the development of ceramic bearing equipment, the equipment will be further improved. From the selection of materials, design, spraying, and hundreds of trials, on August 30, the technical difficulties were finally overcome and new results were achieved.

Insulated bearings can avoid damage caused by electrical corrosion. Compared with ceramic bearings, they can be used in motors to ensure more reliable operation and lower production costs. Insulated bearings have the same dimensions and basic technical features as non-insulated bearings, so they can replace ceramic bearings 100%. Can be more widely used in motors, generators, especially variable frequency motors.